CalDAV with shared iCloud calendar


I’ve been trying to get a public iCloud calendar to show in openHAB, but I can’t get it working. Logs show

[WARN]: A URL must be configured for calendar 'caldavPersonal'



and caldavio.cfg:


I can’t figure out what’s wrong…


Check for cached caldav configs where the url is missing.

Also, try running the binding with DEBUG logginig enabled to get better log messages.

Thank you, I’ll check it when I get back home.

I did have a few ghosts hanging in the configuration. Deleted all caldavio and caldavpersonal parameters using the console and reloaded the configuration files. I now get logs that CalDAV IO is properly configured (no more warnings).
My calendar items remain undef though.

What’s the exact command to enter into the console to get debug logging on caldavIO and caldavPersonal, I can’t seem to figure it out. I have no error, but nothing downloaded into the cache.

Not a clue what I did, but I got it working.