Calendar in OH2 and Habpanel

Hi all,

i search for a simple solution for a trash calendar in oh2 and habpanel. i have a caldav server or a google calendar, too. i try diffrent tuts and examples but nothing work. i use oh2.1 and the caldav personal 1.1 binding. my goal is a simple calendar that read the events from caldav and put it out in a habpanel (widget) board. have you a idea for me?



did you try the approach described here:

… or do you need something different?

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Hi patrik, thanks for your message. i dont use basic ui. i use habpanel. but the backend is intresting. my caldav binding wont work with caldav server or google calendar. there is a tutorial for caldav backend available? thanks

Hi i’m also looking for such a solution
just reading a e.g. google calender and showing up the events on the habpanel

Don’t know whether this is still relevant, but you can use a template widget in Habpanel with an iframe to use the linked approach for basic ui. I can also give an example if that is needed.

If you are not limited to a caldav solution you can try my exec binding solution. I opened a new topic to describe it to give others the chance to find this solution.