Call for help: Users of Pioneer AVR binding

I’m looking for anyone using the pioneeravr binding and a Pioneer receiver with more than one output zone to run a simple test.
The first step with the following items and observe them with a sitemap:

Switch AV_Zone1   "Zone 1 - On"    { pioneeravr="INIT:livingroom:POWER_QUERY, OFF:livingroom:POWER_OFF, ON:livingroom:POWER_ON"}
Switch AV_Zone2   "Zone 2 - On"    { pioneeravr="INIT:livingroom:ZONE2_POWER_QUERY, OFF:livingroom:ZONE2_POWER_OFF, ON:livingroom:ZONE2_POWER_ON"}

When using the remote or front panel to switch the amp power on (zone 1) and to switch zone 2 on and off, do both OH switches reflect the state of the amp?

The next step is try a fix that works for me, but I’m not sure how best to distribute that so will cross that bridge later.

Thanks, Mike.

Maybe a little late for a response, but this works fine for me. The zone 1 and 2 power switch status follow the receiver status when it’s controlled from the front panel.

Now zone 2 volume is a different story. I can’t control volume from the binding.

Hi Ricky,

Thanks for the response. I submitted a patch to fix the issue I was having, which was merged in 1.8. It is good to know it works for someone else as well.

I’ve not tried controlling the volume for zone 2. Will have a go later.

I’m new to java and haven’t been able to implement a change, but it looks like a command for ZONE2_ VOLUME_SET needs to be added with a new function “convertVolumeToPercent_Zone2” to scale zone2 volume. Zone 2 is a 2 digit ASCII, 00 - 81. Zone 2 volume is scaled 0 to (-80) dB in (1) dB increments (The main zone is a 3 digit ASCII, scaled in 0.5 dB increments).

else if (itemType == DimmerItem.class) {

            if (cmdType.getCommandRef().getCommand() == IpControlCommandRef.VOLUME_QUERY.getCommand()
                    || cmdType.getCommandRef().getCommand() == IpControlCommandRef.VOLUME_SET.getCommand()) {
                index = convertVolumeToPercent(Integer.parseInt(payloadSubstring));
            } else {
                index = Integer.parseInt(payloadSubstring);
            state = new PercentType(index);


Help: I am using pioneerAVR 1.8.2. If I turn on my receiver and use the openHAB app it works no problem. But if I turn off the receiver either with the app or avr remote, the app hangs and can not wake the avr. I have to turn on the receiver using the remote and then it works again. I assume it is a wake on lan problem or something like that. There is not much documentation in the wiki other than checkcomm used in the opencfg but it does not give the choices for the field checkconn. Someone please help. Thanks

Have you set the receiver up for wake on lan? There is a setting on the receiver to listen for network traffic when it’s off. You’ll have to turn that on.

I have a Pioneer vsx-1020-K which does not let you do a firmware update as
far as I know. It is from 2010. Pioneer did not have a WOL feature then. I
guess I should have bought an Onkyo. I think I am out of luck unless I buy
a new receiver. Thanks for the help.