Camera: Live feed with PTZ controls - Tapo C500

OH4 , RPI3

I have just added a Tapo C500 camera to my system. It seems to work OK with the IP Camera Binding when configured as a Generic ONIF Camera. Within a sitemap I can get it to display the MJPEG stream, Pan, Tilt, and move to Presets. However when trying to use it with the Community UI widget “Camera: Live feed with PTZ controls” I run into problems, nothing appears to happen, that is no video stream is shown and no controls are active.

I presume I must be doing something wrong but having searched the forum I have so far failed to see what I would be most greatful if someone could help resolve the problem.

I have now resolved the problem. It would appear that it was a result of a difference in the Item names generated when using “Create Equipment from Thing” and the names assumed by the Widget. In create device any potential spaces in the name were replaced by an underscore. Where as in the Widget potential spaces were just omitted. Fo example the generated name for the MJPEG URL was TapoCamera_MPEG_URL and the name generated in the Widget was TapoCamera_MPEGURL. So I have modified my copy of the Widge to conform with the names generated by “Create Equipment from Thing”

Thanks for posting the solution, I will have to retest this under 4.1 as it worked under openhab 3.x when I created the equipment and items. It’s possible the framework has changed how it handles the label of a channel.