Camera live video very small

i use motioneye to showing my camera and my item in sitemap:

Video url="**** encoding=“mjpeg”

but thare is no option to zoom in or expand the video to full screen

There are widgets that do this for HABpanel, or for a sitemap read this thread.

@razserv2010 Can you post a screenshot of the app?

There’s a feature request for a fullscreen mode for video items:

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Thanks for the screenshot. This behavior is currently intended.

I did not understand, can you explain please?

There is more info in the github issue link above. Currently it does not rotate your screen, as some users would hate that if it was the default behavior. From what I can understand is that in openHAB V3.x you will be able to click on the video and it will then force rotate and then fill the screen as well as give you zoom ability.

Sounds like a great improvement is coming, thanks to those coding it.

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Thank you very much for the reply
Hope to see this option in openhab v3