Camera on Mobile App

Hey guys! I am having some trouble with both Android App and iOS App when it comes to displaying cameras. I found few topics regarding this but, so far, none were conclusive on the resolution. When accessin the my sitemap on the browser (local or remote) it is showing my cam ok, but when accessing from HAB Droid or HAB iOS the video are not displaying at all - even on local network.

My sitemap code is below. The first Video tag is an external camera, not my, from Sweden. It displays fine on web browser and mobile app, local or remote. The second Video is my camera that is not working on mobile app (on the web browser it is fine).

Video url="" encoding="mjpeg"
Video url="" encoding="mjpeg"

Can anyone help me? Does this have to do with the mobile app? Or maybe with the “mjpeg” tag? Maybe I have to do some special config on my cameras.

Thanks in advance!

Try webview in your sitemap. In my configuraton with Foscam camera i was also not able to make it work with Video url.

Frame label="CCTV" {
	    Webview item=cctv label="My Camera" url="" height=10
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I have never been able to display multiple Video items in the same sitemap with the mobile app. My solution was to create a separate sitemap for each Video item and switch sitemaps to view each camera. Each camera displays properly in it’s own sitemap, and switching is simple and quick using the app’s menu. This works when connected locally or remotely.

Thanks, febz11. Webviwe is not quite a solution, though is a workround. Thanks anyway.

Thanks, gbealmer. I tried to use only one camera o my sitemap, just to teste it. But is still not working. Same behavior. Sweden camera works, my doesn’t.