Can access admin Interface through MyOpenHab

Hi all,

I’ve just upgraded an OH2 Setup to OH3. When I now access I can access the OH UI (after logging in to myopenhab). But when I then try to log in to the OH UI, I can’t. There is no error for the user but an error on the logfile:

2021-11-16 19:45:42.842 [WARN ] [uth.internal.AbstractAuthPageServlet] - Authentication failed: User not found: mygreatusername

I’ve tripple checked the passoword - copy & paste.

Any suggestions?
Best regards

Have you triple checked the username? It’s saying that it can’t find the user, not that the password is incorrect.

That solves the issue. I didn’t recognize that the username was capitalized… but why are username case sensitive?
Thank you!

Usernames are almost always case sensitive. It’s very rare that a username is not case sensitive.

I have a similar issue. Can logon to Habpanel but not to the admin console.
My username is only lower case:
Do I have to define which user is admin or not? I mean in comparison to OH2 - this worked so far till the upgrade to OH3 I made yesterday.