Can anyone see what is wrong with this simple sitemap and items?

I’m using OH1.8 from 2016.01.21

I don’t get any items in the website.

My sitemap contains only:

sitemap demo label="Main Menu"
	Frame {
		Group item=jt label="Jeff Tapia" icon="boy1"

My items file contains only:

/* jeff tapia */
Group jt "Jeff Tapia" [ "home-group" ]
Dimmer BsmtHall 	"Basement Hall"		(jt)	{insteonplm="22.15.47:F00.00.15#loaddimmer"}

when I got to the classic website I get" Main Menu" with a “Jeff Tapia” frame.
When I select the Jeff Tapia frame it opens but is empty - no items.
I would expect Basement Hall to show up because it is associated with group (jt) and
Group jt “Jeff Tapia” is defined.

Geez, I solved it by removing [ “home-group” ]
I can’t remember why I had that in there but I think it worked in another version.

Anyway - ignore.