Can GE Z-wave switch support double tap?

I have a bunch of newer GE switches in my house, both dimmer and non dimmer, and i cant seem to get the double tap functions to work. Ive read elsewhere that the newer “Plus” versions should support it. When i try a double tap i dont see it record anything in the log and i dont see any change to the scene number. Is there something im missing or was a mislead and these switches dont support it?

Like this one? I don’t see any mention of Central Scene there. HomeSeer switches do support Central Scene. I haven’t seen this on GE switches, but maybe some newer ones have added it?

Yes that is one of them. It does have a scene number attribute but i havent seen that change when i try. I thought i saw mention on other forums that they were able to get it to detect double tap with smartthings. If thats tru im not sure why i wouldnt beable to get it.

I have the same question. On the Thing properties page for that Dimmer you can select a Scene group in the Association Groups box. In there I placed “Scene_1” and then in my Item file I placed this line:

Dimmer DiningRoomSceneUp “Dining Room Scenes” {channel=“zwave:device:caf6xxxx:node16:scene_1”}

After I did that double tapping up or down gave me a message in the log that the brightness had change from 0 to 100 or 100 to 0. So the double tap is doing something. But I don’t know what the underlying message is and oddly enough the brightness of the light does not change even though the display on my Phone shows the brightness changed. How would I find what message is sent so I might create a rule to catch it? I set the message level to DEBUG but it does not seem to show anything when I double tap the switch.