Can habdroid discover local openhab server IP automatically?

[my understanding]
1 I understand we can type in static local openhab server IP in habdroid.
2 I also understand we can connect openhab server via openhab cloud, either my.openhab or another one.

But say, if I can NOT access internet, is there a way that habdroid can discover local openahb server IP without manually type in that IP in habdorid setting page?


On this page, there’s no the information I want to locally discover openhab server IP. But I am NOT sure whether the page is outdated or I should look into some other page.

Can expert shed some light?Thank you.

IMHO that text meant to say that the local OH instanice will be found by using the local address given in the settings.

If you are running OH 2.x you should be looking here for documentation.

I’ve never done this but I believe openHAB supports discovery of OH instances on the network. When you open the app and it isn’t in demo mode, do you see anything listed when you tap the three lines menu at the upper left?