Can i combine labels and variables on a sitemap?

On my sitemap I have

Text label="Home theater" icon="video" {
                      	  Frame label="Kodi Media Player" {
                	    Text item=HarmonyHTActivity
                     	    Switch    item=myKodi_mute
                            Slider    item=myKodi_volume
                            Selection item=myKodi_control mappings=[PLAY='Play', PAUSE='Pause', NEXT='Next', PREVIOUSE'Previous', FFWARD='Fastforward', REWIND='Rewind']
                            Switch    item=myKodi_stop
                            Text      item=myKodi_title
                            Text      item=myKodi_showtitle
                            Text      item=myKodi_album
                            Text      item=myKodi_artist
                            Text      item=myKodi_mediatype	

Is it posible to include a variable in a label=“Home theater” ?


When i render the above sitemap i get a line with “Home Theater” when i pres on it i get the underlying controls

Text item=HarmonyHTActivity contains de text “PowerOff

Can i do somthing like Frame label=“Kodi Media Player + HarmonyHTActivity” { ?

So i get “Kodi Media Player PowerOff” as a lable