Can i configure Astro Binding 2 the old way?

Hi, i changed to OH2 this day and nearly all bindings are working. Except the astro binding 2.0.

Can i configure the new astro binding with an or is it only possible with the new version, to do this with “things”?

You can still use the old binding, you just need to include legacy 1.x bindings, then enable it.

Personally I’d recommend trying to understand why the Astro binding 2.0 isn’t working for you. Given that it seems to be fairly mature it’s probably something wrong with your setup.

I wrote astro in the addons.cfg and made a new astro.cfg in services-directory (with my old astro-configuration, but removed the word “astro”).

So no additional configuration.

I think, this way only the old astro1 binding is working? Astro2-binding doesn´t work with astro.cfg file?

Exactly. 2.x bindings don’t use any <binding>.cfg files.
But the new astro2 binding is meanwhile working without any issues, what feature are you missing?
All old threads with “events are not working”, “offsets are not working” are a thing of the past!

I have to change my configuration, that´s the point. Astro1 Binding is working with my old items, rules and so on…

Will test Astro2 when i have more time.

Please make sure to modify your items definition as per the migration guide:

You should change the binding from astro= to channel= etc.

I know, that i have to change the items, too.

I have a problem with the offset. The documentation is not really clear in this.

Currently my item for astro1 ends like this:

{ astro="planet=sun, type=rise, property=start, offset=-10" }

How do i have to write this for astro2 binding? Do i have to set up a new thing? Maybe:

astro:sun:home  [ geolocation="xx.xxxxx,xx.xxxxx", altitude=100, interval=120 ]

for the standard sunrise and

astro:sun:home2 ...

for sunrise sun-events with offset? Or can i do this in items file like with astro1 binding?

Second question: What is “altitude=100” ? Is this the hight of my place above the sea level (in meters)? Where do i need altitude? In the old astro1 binding, there was no altitude.

From my experience Astro 2 doesn’t properly display when using offsets, and is discussed at Astro binding to move switches at sunset/sunrise. For this reason I’m sticking with astro1.

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