Can i configure the control Tab in Paper UI

i am a lazy piece of s*** , i am running OH for three years and i did not find the time to create a cool UI
i was wondering if there is an easy way to configure/rearrange the cards in the control tab of paper UI

it looks cool enough for me :slight_smile:
i am using mostly IOS Shortcuts/siri/telegram/BasicUI

so i don’t find it really useful, other than to show off my cool OH setup


I would not focus on PaperUI at all. It was meant as an admin interface and not a user interface. According to newest announcement it is subject to be replaced with the further development of OH


thanks, i will take it under consideration, but still if there is a way to rearrange it will be cool
all the items are already there ,i just need

  1. to organize
  2. hide unused values

but i get your point it is not meant to be

I think it is better to use Basic UI and structure it according your needs within the sitemap.
It is more easy than any mod of paper UI.


The only way to “organize” the linked Channels shown is to give the things a different Location. For each Location there will be a tab unser Control.
Hiding values is not possible.

The suggestion remains the same: create a sitemap.