Can i disable mirror function on openhabian setup

Hello All! I have found an issue when trying to install using the openhabian image. The issue I have is that the install works great, I can see that openhab is running. It appears that the final step is to setup a mirror copy, well openhabian setup is overwriting my ssd.

Here is my setup: I used etcher to write the openhabian image to the SSD. I boot the ssd and the openhab install runs great. I even get to the point where the openhab server is running fine on port 8080. At this point the setup script for openhabian is re-partitioning my ssd. I can see in the debug log. Upon reboot the partitions are now incorrect and the ssd will not boot again.

Question, can I disable this on install? I see these options in the openhabian.conf

external SD card device to backup and mirror the internal SD card to

But there is no disable feature.

Any tips are appreciated. I am happy to just manually disable the mirror in the setup script but I am having an issue finding the spot to do this.

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