Can i edit existing bindings?

Hi ,i am new and i want to know if i can edit already existing bindings in case i want something to suit my needs.If i can do so ,where are their files located for me to edit ? and how do i approach the whole proccess do i replace files add new ones etc.

Why you would want to edit a binding?
Anyway, bindings are stored as a .jar file, so if you want to make changes to a binding you’d have to decompose the source code from the jar, modify what you want recompile it and make a jar from it.

All the source codes are open source and available in GitHub
You can submit pull request of the changes you made to be accepted in the main distro.
But I have to ask, why would want to change a binding to suit your particular needs.
You can share your changes with the wider community.


This a good place to start reading if you wish to contribute to the project.

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Thanks for the replies :slight_smile: I was wondering if i can do so, because for example i wanted to use the dropbox sync service but it seems to be outdated… it is based on the V1 API of dropbox instead of the new V2 and if it was possible i wanted to give it a try and see if i can make it work for myself at least (this is the first time i would try something like this that is why i wanted to keep it as a personal change for the time).Still where are these files located again because i can’t seem to find them.

They’re on GitHub here and here.

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You can’t find them because the Dropbox binding has been removed recently: the reason seems to be the binding didn’t work anymore.
There is an issue to create a new binding and in that issue it’s mentioned someone is working on new support for Dropbox. But i couldn’t find any source of a possible work in progress. So I would suggest to ask for the status on this binding development in the issue to find out about the status and if there is no progress you could write the binding yourself. You can look at the mentioned pull request for the old sources. But since it’s a version 1 binding I would suggest to just start with a fresh openHAB 2 binding and add the new api support in there. Here is the dropbox issue:

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No, not. Questions belong in the forum. Start a new thread, or better, use one of the existing half-dozen.

Sorry I was not clear on that. What I meant was: ask for the status on this binding development in that issue.

i see ,thanks for all the info again guys!

The task was assigned to C.C. and was set to “in progress” one year ago.
No reaction on a status request.
So it is not really a featured binding, huh?

What’s a “featured binding” ? I’ve never heard of such a thing.

The featured bindings I know are the ones mentioned on the main page of the addons page
However I don’t think that’s what he meant with featured binding, unless it was but has been removed.

Yes I had a wrong understanding of “featured bindings”.
I thought I read that a new binding was planned and that it would be called “featured binding”.
What I meant to say was that I see a problem, it looks like someone is already developing a new Dropbox Binding, but nobody does it.

Sorry to hear the process isn’t moving fast enough to suit you.
You have options:

  • write it yourself
  • pay someone to write it for you
  • wait patiently

That wasn’t what I want to say. Sorry to give you that feeling.

hello were you able to figure out how/where to edit bindings? I also need to modify a binding to suit my needs