Can I get protocol errors to publish on MQTT topic?

I have openhab 1.8 running on numerous rpi’s with z-wave binding and sensors.
Yesterday, I saw one of the motion sensors (Everspring SP103) go absolutely ape due to critically low battery - pushing out battery level 0 updates many times a second. Now, leaving aside the fact that it isn’t very bright for a sensor which is critically low on battery to waste power like this, it seemed to provoke an error with openhab. I have to say that I can’t prove that this was the trigger event but it seems a heck of a coincidence. Openhab started reporting protocol errors. I have a bespoke application running on the rpi which is subscribing to z-wave events via MQTT.

So, the question is: Is it possible for me to have subscribed to protocol error events so that my application could intervene and kill/restart openhab?

According to your log you are running version 1.7.0. which is VERY old.
Before trying to solve any problems I would update to the latest openHAB version.

Ah, that’s a fair point - I lost track of which rpi was which. I have 1.8 running on other rpis. Will do so asap. Thanks

Maybe this

is something you could use.

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