Can I help

I’ve been following the progress of the reintegration of ESH every since Kai announced it, originally following the progress of PR 5005 but that is now closed. I had started a binding under the old build system but put further development on hold until we have a bit of stability.

I’d like to offer to help but I am afraid that the hand-holding I would need would hinder the efforts more than it would help. I’m primarily a C++/Linux developer and my knowledge of Java and its associated acronym soup of an ecosystem is rudimentary at best.

So if the devs think I can be of some assistance, point me to the starting line.



Steve, whether you can help or not, Bravo for offering!
:+1: :+1: :+1:

Thanks, Steve. I think most of the re-factoring is done now. We have some minor problem but in general it looks good.

From my perspective the biggest task is now to find out if everything is working after the build-system change. Most of the problems can be fixed easily but we need to know about that.

The more testing is done (unfortunately not all bindings contain test-bundles), the better.

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My understanding is that the IDE setup is not currently working. I have also read that the latest snapshots are broken.
What should I test? The HEAD of one of the github repos? (Remember that hand-holding I mentioned?)


Since Kai reworked the setup file for the IDE it is - AFAIK - working but has some performance problems (at least that is the case for me).

I don‘t think latest snapshots are totally broken but maybe some bindings (that is what I meant). So running latest snapshot and reporting every problem (with as much information as possible) is probably the best to get it rock-solid again.

I have my production system (running 2.4.0) and a test system running S1588. But I only use the test system for debugging of reported problems, so I need reproduction cases.

Just in theory: Can we (automated) add an integration test for every existing bundle and start up at least the discovery and thing factories? Because what most likely is broken if anything is broken is using / linking of external libraries.


OK, so I updated my system over the weekend to Devuan Beowulf (derived from Debian Buster).
I cloned the master branch of openhab-core and openhab2-addons and ran the various Maven phases from a terminal; i.e. outside of any IDE.
Are the results of interest to you? If so, where should I post them? Do you want the entire output or just the errors and warnings?


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Two things which come straight to my mind:

  • Support for nrjavaserial (releasing of serial port is quite buggy)
  • Optimized Yocto build as one step lower than openhabian (to make truly hassle free image :wink:) - there are few more things which can be integrated then.


Right now, mvn compile on a fresh clone of openhab-core fails.
I’ll do a git pull and try again tonight.
Then I’ll see what I get with a clone of openhab2-addons.