Can I query an Alexa smarthome device via OpenHAB?

I’ve tried to consume as much about this topic as I could but I’m still not crystal clear. Sorry for the dumb question!

So here’s want to do: I have a Schlage Wi-Fi lock on my front door. There isn’t a binding for this device available right now. It integrates with Alexa and I can tell Alexa to lock the door. However, the Alexa integration won’t notify me if the lock is jammed. I’d like to get a notice via Alexa announcement when the status of the lock changes to a jammed state. Can I config OpenHAB to see the Alexa-integrated lock and get the status? If so, what are the basic steps?

As of now, I have Openhab Cloud configured and the OpenHAB skill installed on my Alexa account.

You can use the Echo Control Binding to say that the lock is jammed.

But what you need is a way for the lock to inform OH that it is jammed so it can trigger the text to speech. Does it try to send out a message when it is jammed? If so, what communication method does it use? Otherwise you might be able to set up a poll of the lock status, but that could drain the batteries in the lock if you did it frequently. Do you have a manual for the lock that describes its communication capabilities?

Apparently it does not. I tried to set up an Alexa routine that used the event “When lock is Jammed” as the trigger.The lock never fires the trigger, although Alexa can grab the status of the lock if you ask it. I contacted Schlage for more information but their reply wasn’t that helpful.

You want to grant Alexa access to your front door without some instance inbetween to validate or to do 2FA ? Seriously ?

Unlocking via Alexa is disabled, as it should be.

Does Alexa not have validation for locks? I just assumed it does since that’s the case with Google Assistant.

I don’t know that device but given there’s Schlage Z-Wave locks working and there’s the generic HTTP binding, I’m sure there’s ways to use that. Look for an API documentation of your lock.

PS: I would never ever use a WiFi lock on my front door. Too insecure as WPA2 has been broken.
Exchange it for a ZWave based one (ZWave is not 100% safe but a lot better than WiFi/IP).

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I think exchanging the WiFI locks for Zwave is the best solution but I was curious if there was any way to make the current WiFi locks communicate with OpenHAB. Thanks.

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It does. You need to enable unlock by pin code to allow that functionality.

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