Can I upgrde the node version to 18.12.0


Can I upgrde the node version to 18.12.0? Or is there any issue with the nodjs scripting?

what kind of an answer do you expect if no more details are provided ?
In general scripts work with nodejs 18.X.
openhabian configures to use nodejs 18.x repository. I see nodesjs 18.17 being used under bookworm

I am still under bullseye…how can I upgrade to nodejs 18.x?

This is not an openHAB related question.
Google might be your friend.

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I don’t know any issues. The current LTS is even v20.11 (but I haven’t tried that).
Strictly it’s not openhab, that’s true, but some of the important helpers (zigbee2mqtt, frontail, node-red…) run on nodejs.

True, but those tools should provide instructions for installation of dependencies. This is not the scope of openHAB.