Can I use a dimmer in a 3 state socket?

I have a lamp with a 3 state socket that uses bulbs of the same type. Can I use a dimmable smart bulb with this? The bulb came as part of a Wemo kit. I haven’t tried as I don’t want to damage the bulb. So I’m asking first? I suspect the bulb brightness will be limited by the state of the socket, but can anyone provide me some insight?

No, you should not try. Your three state lamp will limit power to three different levels, but the WeMo bulbs e.g. need full power to work.

Thanks for the reply, I was a bit concerned about that, but if I set the lamp to its maximum and don’t try to use the bulb’s dimming functionality, might it still work? I currently use a bluetooth outlet to toggle the bulb that’s already there. Its a 3 state bulb designed for this type of lamp, but its unreliable, so I was hoping to replace it with a smart bulb of some sort. But I see there are 3 smart bulbs available. If they work with Wemo, they would be a solution.

Sticking my oar in the water here. Depending on the type of fixture and bulb, it could be fine. The traditional 3-way light bulb was actually a bulb with two filaments and two (plus neutral) conductor pads at the bulb base. Low was a 50 watt filament, medium a 100 and high both the 100 and 50 at the same time for an output of 150w worth of incandescent light.

It wasn’t uncommon to find 3 way sockets populated with a standard 60 watt bulb as it would just power off of the main conductor and no contact with the low conductor. It would then take 2 turns of the knob to turn on and then another 2 to turn off as it skipped past the low power state and stayed on during medium and high power stages. My parents were notorious for this type of configuration… never burned down anything :slight_smile:

I don’t see how putting a dimmable bulb in one of these sockets and dimming it would be an issue. I would verify voltage to be full expected 120 (or whatever for your country) prior to doing so.

I have seen some newer “intelligent” dimmer lights that send different voltages to a standard bulb with a single filament… I would NOT try to dim that as you will brown-out the logic boards.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll probably just stick with my current solution. A quick google search led me to believe that there smart 3 way bulbs out there, but I can’t find any, bummer.

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