Can I use both a Z-Wave USB Controller on a Pi AND a Standalone Hub

I’m getting started with this party and I am realizing my wife might not necessary be up for the downtime of certain devices while I tinker :slight_smile:

So, I’m wondering if I can use OpenHAB with a USB Controller (1) on my Raspberry Pi 3 as the “main controller” and a Standalone Hub (2) as a way for my wife not to have to use the main controller until I’m done tinkering, at least for a while?

Thanks for any info!

(*1) is this a good one, is there a better/cheaper one? Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Z-Stick, Gen5 (ZW090)

(*2) is this a good one, is there a better/cheaper one? Samsung SmartThings Hub, 2nd Generation

For those who wander past this post and wonder:

The Samsung hub was definitely a breeze to setup, but requires you to use their smartphone/tablet app to control your devices.

The devices themselves dictate whether they can be connected to and controlled by multiple controllers, and pretty much everything I’ve found for devices I’ve researched has them only being able to connect to a single controller (at a time, you could disconnect them from the first and connect them to a 2nd one, but that’s not a simple/automatable (automatible?) process).

I haven’t setup the Aeon stick yet. Because I need to be able to get this working to a high WAF (Wife Approval Factor) before I tinker with it, I am working on getting things into the state of “working” with the hub first. Once she sees the idea and likes how things work, moving to OpenHAB and the Aeon stick on the pi will be better supported :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, one last thought. I am pretty sure it’s possible to “wrap” the hub and use it from OpenHAB, abstracting the hardware layer a bit and then not being in a situation where I’m forced to use the SmartThings app. I may look more at this point sooner than later, but have yet to explore this route at this point.