Can not connect to OS mobile app

Hi I am new to OpenHab.
I have the server working and have bound it to a wemo light switch. I can control the wemo from any web browser that is pointed to the computer that is running the server. Unfortunately I can not connect through the OS mobil app from my iPhone (although I can connect through the iPhone via the browser. Using the app down loaded from the store and using the same root of the http: address but still no luck. Any ideas? I get ERROR Request Failed internal server error (500)

Hi Max,
Please advise what local URL you have used in your seetings.

Hi Bjorn
I use the IP address of this computer on my network i.e.

I reloaded the program and still I can not connect via the OS application. Using a web browser I do connect however then get no icons

Are you using wifi (i.e. Your internal network) or the data connection on your iPhone ?
In the first case i Leave “Blank” Local URL so the app start in discover mode
In the second case i use bind myopenhab

Hi Antonio

Thanks for the suggestion, its appreciated, however still no joy.

I used the wifi i.e. without cell and no local url and still it will not connect. it is trying to discover openhab however after that I still get the same error

Internal error. Internal server error 500

I think the problem my be on my apple Macbook Pro laptop i.e. something to do with ports, firewalls or java settings. I have the same software on a mac mini and the os app connects to that. Obviously I run the two servers at different times.

any other ideas are welcome as this is driving me nuts


looks like http-alt is on port 8080. what is http-alt. Now I need to find a way to with move http-alt or start openhab on another port

any ideas folks


Hi Max,
Seems to be the same issue than with your openhab app.
Change port in using Notepad++ or some other editor.
File can be found in directory OpenHab.

Dear Bjorn
I switched off my firewall on my router yesterday and it worked. I do not want to keep the firewall permanently off so I am playing around with port forwarding. I will reply to your other question
You help is most appreciated

Max Birley

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Same issue here. Switching of the public firewall and the iPhone app can connect to the server. As Max already mentioned, i do not want to keep the firewall permanently open.

What kind of firewall setting/rules are needed?