Can not create default items/sitemaps

i am new in this community. I’m trying to install OH2 on my Pi3. But on the Tutorial Point to create the Items and sitemaps it is always
pi@raspberrypi:/var/lib/openhab2 $ conf/sitemaps/default.sitemap
bash: conf/sitemaps/default.sitemap: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden
Is it the wrong Folder or what is my problem?
THX for help.

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welcome ! :slight_smile:

That part of the documentation is not very clear…

To create a new file in linux, use a text editor (like vi)
change to the configuration directory and then start editing a new file:

cd /etc/openhab2/sitemaps/
vi default.sitemap

after you enter your sitemap configuration, type :wq to save the file and exit the editor.

Ps: If vi is not installed, use: apt-get install vim

thx for your help. I had to install the VIM
No i had the default .items and sitemaps in the right folder and with the changed text of the documentation, but in the BasicUI is no Sitemap. whats the matter?
Thanks for help.

You will have to set the default sitemap name in the openHAB configuration.

Navigate to: PaperUI -> Configuration -> Services -> UI -> Basic UI -> Configure -> Default Sitemap and set there the name

I set the name default in the OH config and the Filename is default.sitemap my first mistake was the ending .sitemaps. I changed it into .sitemap
But it doesn’t work. No Sitemap

Syntax in the File:
Sitemap default label=“First sitemap”
Switch item=Presence_Mobile_Ulf label="Z3-Ulf"
Switch item=Wallplug_Fensterlicht label=“Fensterlicht”

edit: use small letters for the sitemap

sitemap default label="First sitemap" {
	Switch item=Presence_Mobile_Ulf label="Z3-Ulf"
	Switch item=Wallplug_Fensterlicht label="Fensterlicht"

simple mistake, but now i have my sitemap.
Think i need some sleep.
Thank you and goodnight.

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