Can not Link myopenhab to Google Assistant

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i tried several times too connect to Google Home.
Did any of you also have problems connecting the Google Home App and myopenhab . org?

I set up my items and then connected the Openhab Cloud to the Google Account in the Home App. Per Oauth2 this is also done successfully and in the OpenHab Cloud this is also displayed correctly.

But in the Home App, openhab is not displayed after synchronization, but has to be set up again.

Raspberry and device has been restarted, even with another Google account (previously deleted from the cloud). There is no update of the app and also the cloud binding in openhab has already been deleted and reinstalled.

Does anyone still have an idea?
Screenshot of Connecting



My initial guess is that you haven’t added metadata to your items to enable Google Assitant to see them, in which case it won’t add openHAB as a service (because there’s nothing to add). If you did add metadata, per the documentation, then something is probably not quite right. Please post your items so that we can have a look.