Can OH make a Fritzphone ring?

i’ve changed my Phone Setup in FritzPhone-Direction. What I miss is a “Where’s my phone”-function … my FritzPhone-Dock is “charging-only”. Can i make a Item to ring a Fritzphone?

thanks in advantage

As far as I see it, it is not possible with one of the existing bindings as they have no support for the built-in telephone functions of a Fritz!Box. Except for reading the phonebooks…

The only way would be to use the built-in “click to dial” function (“Wählhilfe”) from a shell within the Fritz!Box or to automate the GUI of the FritzBox, simulating an interactive user.

You could use a SIP Client to initiate the call.
Something like this should do the trick, assuming you are on a linux machine.

In your FritzBox add an Ip-Phone and give it a username and password.

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may be this thread helps: Call phone with Fritzbox binding and fritzconnection

or this thread might help:
[Make DECT phones (e.g.) FritzFons connected to FritzBox ring as alerting mechanism from OpenHab (should be useful also to have OpenHab make arbitrary phone calls with alerts/announcements)]