Can OH2 act as "KNX Gateway"

Hello Guys.
I have a ABB IP Router for my KNX installation, but this only allows 1 tunnel and 1 routing protocol… Now i have a setup where OH2 takes the Tunnel interface, my ETS takes the Router interface, then i plan to integrate another Gateway for my audio system, can something be done, so the OH acts as a KNX gateway, where i set the Audio Gateway to connect to OH - then OH routes the telegrams to the KNX?

You could setup OH2 to use Routing to connect to your ABB KNX/IP Router (to avoid using tunnels).
With routing, there is no limitation to the number of devices that can communicate with the ABB KNX/IP Router via multicast.

What do you mean by “Audio Gateway”? What is the logical link between the audio system and KNX that you want to achieve? What is the functionality that you want to have? (describe it a bit so I can see how it could be done).


Hello Dim…
Yes okay, then i could use both OH and my Computer as “Routing” i thought that only one connection at each was allowed… But after reading the manual again it says only one Tunnel connection - doesn’t mention any limitation on multicast/Router mode - also wouldn’t make sense to make only one allowable connection…

My Audio Gateway is a Bang & Olufsen Beolink Gateway, which can talk to B&O components through the KNX bus, so i need to let this one connect to the KNX bus - and then the link from OH2 to the Beolink Gateway must be through the KNX bus…

In this case, you just need to make sure that OH2 communicates properly to the KNX Bus via the ABB KNX/IP Router.
You can set it up in Routing mode (multicast) by setting within /etc/openhab2/services/knx.cfg the following:

busaddr=[your_OH2_PA] (e.g. 1.1.200)

Regarding the B&O Beolink Gateway: From the info that I found on the interweb, I can see that it is a Home Automation System in itself. Also, I think that the Gateway uses the B&O protocol (Beolink) to communicate to other B&O components (not KNXnet/IP protocol).
The B&O Gateway supports KNXnet/IP to be able to integrate other KNX devices (like actuators) into its automation engine.

If you are planning to use OpenHab 2 as a “master control system”, then you don’t need to integrate the KNX devices in the B&O Beolink Gateway.

Now the challenge is: How do you manage from OH2 the B&O Beolink System itself… this I do not know for now… I have to do some research :slight_smile:

My plan was to make OH or KNX inputs turn the TV/Radio or something on/off and also the Gateway to send signals to the KNX when the tv turns on or something…
I have a buddy which has one, i’ll check with him what’s possible to do or not to do… I was just curious about the connection :slight_smile:

Now the challenge is: How do you manage from OH2 the B&O Beolink System itself… this I do not know for now… I have to do some research :slight_smile:

Here i was thinking of letting this go throught the KNX bus since i have no other solutions - all the things from OH2 to the Gateway must be send through the KNX system… Which i think should be possible - but i need to check the interface on the Gateway…:slight_smile: