Can osgi console config logback logger level in runtime? (start OH2 within Eclipse)

I notice that by start OH2 via command line, karaf console,
can easily change logger level.

However, for debugging purpose, I run OH2 within Eclipse IDE.
We got osgi console here. ($telnet localhost 5555)

Is there some command or possible to change logger level via osgi console?
For now, I have to restart Eclipse IDE every time after minor change on logback_debug.xml. It is really not convenient.
Thank you very much.

The logging config files apparently are only loaded when OH starts. So I think your only option is to restart

Hi Rich,
Thank you for confirming that and the info.

However, as we can do in karaf to change logging level in runtime,
$log:set org.openhab.binding.zwave

Actually I wonder whether we can do something similar in osgi console, as when I start OH2 within Eclipse IDE, the console is osgi console by default instead of karaf console, while we have if start OH2 outside Eclipse IDE by command line, meaning $./

Thank you.

I don’t know how the logging works so can’t answer about that but I can say that Karaf is an OSGI server too.