Can’t get iTachIR to send IR codes

I am replacing the unsupported iRule with OpenHAB. I see a big potential in OpenHAB, I really like the concept.

My goal is to control IR devices - TV, STBs, BD using an iPad. I already have it implemented in iRule using GlobalCache iTach IP2IR.
I now have OH3.0.1 runnung on a Mac with the GlobalCache binding installed. The iTach is recognized and idle (green).
I created the MAP file and put it in the transformations folder. I tried both HEX and GC formats of codes.
Using the UI I created String Items for all the 3 channels and a Page with buttons configured to send commands described in the MAP to the correct iTach channel.
Unfortunately iTach doesn’t respond.
I’ve read all the documentation and the community posts several times, but couldn’t find the right clue.
I would be grateful for any advice how to make it work.
Thank you so much,

I assume you installed the MAP transformation service.

Can you use your phone camera to see if the signal is working?

Thanks for your response!

The MAP transformation service is running. It was installed with the GlobalCache binding. I was also suspecting a problem with the MAP service or with the .map file format, but I don’t see anything wrong on the setup.

I can see that there is no iTach activity. My iRule / iTach installation is still operational, so when I use the iRule controller, I can see the transmitters flashing and the devices responding. When I send commands from OH3 I don’t see any iTach activity. I am sending the same HEX codes as with the iRule.

Do you perhaps know, how to access the OH3 activity log or error log?
Thank you!

@denominator your question pointed me into the right direction. Thanks so much!

The problem was the name of the MAP file. In MacOS Finder it looked like, but it was with a hidden extension. So I fell into a MacOS trap.

iTach now responds and the controlled device as well. The response is still unreliable, but that can be fixed by repeating the code. The most important is that iTach stopped ignoring me.

Thanks again!

You can stream events

You can look at the log file located

You get the same in windows.