Can´t move my Rollershutter with Alexa

Hi all,

I want to move my Rollershutter with ALEXA.
My Hardware is a RPi3 with OH2.3 and I use the KNX 1.x Binding

I can Control the Rollershutter with the OPENHAB APP up / down and stop and also with the HABPANEL it works perfekt.

But I can´t move it wit ALEXA. I say … Living Room 90%, 100%, 10% or 0% and ALEXA say ok, but nothing happend and also my knx-actor dosnt´t react.

Here is my item
Rollershutter Shutter_GF_Wohnzimmer_West “Wohnzimmer West” (GF_Living, Shutters) [“Switchable”] { knx=“3/1/10, 3/2/10” }

Switch or dimm the light and also ask for the temperature works perfekt with ALEXA
Have someone a idea what is wrong ?
Thanks for helping.

I use z-wave for my rollershutters and do what you are trying.
Firstly you need to be using the Lighting tag not Switchable to use percents.
I use a Dimmer type item with the same channel as the Rollershutter one and define it as Lighting.
Then in Alexa I also add routines on Alexa to add commands like open and close.

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Thanks for the quick answer and I have edit my item:

Dimmer Shutter_GF_Wohnzimmer_West “Wohnzimmer West” (GF_Living, Shutters) [“Lighting”] { knx=“3/1/10, 3/2/10” }

But it dosn´t work. I have tried differend option and Alexa say ok, but the shutter didn´t move.
Any other ideas?

Your new definition looks fine to me.

Did you forget the device from Alexa and then discover after changing it from Switchable to Lighting?

I deleted it from Alexa and discover again and it is change to Lighting but sadly it doesn’t work,
I have no idea what is wrong.

Something I should have noticed before, and it may just be my lack of language abilities but you said that you are trying “Living Room 90%” but the text on your item says “Wohnzimmer West”, this should be what Alexa responds to.

Hi John,

sorry this is a Translation problem. I am from Germany and my item called: “Wohnzimmer West”. For the better understanding I have translate it to “Living Room” My Alexa understand the Item and say ok but it didn`t move. Light, Temperature, etc. works perfect with alexa.

I guess my other questions would be:

  • are you using myopenhab or Hue Emulation?
  • is there anything appearing the logs when you try to use Alexa?

I use Hue Emulation myself, but I think when you change the tags, if you are using myopenhab, you may have to remove the item and allow it to repopulate in your myopenhab setup.

I use myopenhab
Sadly I found nothing in the logs. For Alexa everything is okay.

I have found a Workaround and now it works with Alexa perfect.
Create hidden Rollershutter items

Rollershutter Buero_West "Büro West" (Voice) ["Switchable"]

and a big Rule-File for all Rollershutters like this example here

rule "Buero West Voice Control"
    Item Buero_West received command
    logInfo("Buero_West", "Rollo Büro West Voice Control")
    if (receivedCommand < 50)
      sendCommand(Shutter_gC_Office_West, UP)
      sendCommand(Shutter_gC_Office_West, DOWN)


what is the Alexa Command for this config, thanks!

Alexa Büro West 0% (0% to 49% is the same result) for up and Alexa Büro West 100% for down (everything between 50% to 100% works also)