Can`t send float from openhab3 to MQTT (but I can vice versa and it works fine)

I trying to send numbers , text datatype via mqtt thing and it is not working (not recieve any data from Openhab3).
I already done with bit and byte datatypes but float16 cant see any data that MQTT recieves.
I already send float16 from MQTT to openhab but cant do it vice versa
Any help ?

Debian / Openhab 3.1.0M / Java 11

I believe the MQTT binding can only handle Strings. It will parse the String to a number as necessary. Similarly I believe it publishes only Strings too. Are you sure it’s sending a binary float and not just the string version of the number?

It does not appear in any variations just missed at all if I choose Number as type of representation of data in OH . It should send something but it does not sending anything.
Tested switch and byte they are okay

Use mqtt.fx or a similar tool to see what OH sends.

There are no ‘byte’ types in OH, what’s this?