Can´t start TV, only shutdown - Samsung TV Binding

I have Samsung TV Addon installed in my openHAB 4 Instance. If I want to Shutdown TV it is working but not turning it on.

If I want to turn on the TV with the Smart Things App, it works fine.

Not sure about the samsung binding specific, but I would try the network binding and send a wake on lan package.

Maybe the TV does not listen to any binding specific message while it’s off

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You mean this binding? Network - Bindings | openHAB

How can I there start to send a wake on lan package? @Matze0211

Before messing around with the network binding, you should check if your TV will turn on when sending WOL packet to it’s MAC Address.
Not all TVs support this.

Yes, that’s the binding I was talking about.

  1. Install the binding
  2. Create the thing
  3. Use the sample rule from the documentation to send the wol package

Agree to @hmerk , that this should be tested, but I don’t see a huge difference if I install an additional tool to send wol packets e.g. from my computer or install the binding to test this.

Some Routers (FritzBox e.g.) have this implemented by default, so no additional software needed :wink:

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