Can the Harmony Hub binding access Hue devices?

I am getting a Phillips Hue bulb for free as part of my Alexa purchase. Don’t really care about it but figured I got it might as well use it if it’s not to problematic. So first problem, if I bind it to my Echo Plus 2nd Generation, apparently OpenHAB can’t see it. Part of the demise I guess of hubs as everyone jockey’s to make their own proprietary hubs. I digress. I heard that the Harmony Hub can also support Hue devices? Is this true? I’m not going to buy a Hue bridge or whatever they call it so if that’s required in both cases I’ll toss it. If the Harmony Hub can directly manage Hue devices or I guess if it actually supports zigbee devices, can I access that device thru OpenHAB and the existing binding?




An Echo Plus has a zigbee hub integrated and directly can control hue bulbs. Harmony Hub cannot control zigbee devices directly. Therefore you need a seperate hue bridge or an Echo Plus. Harmony hub uses the Hue API to communicate with Hue bulbs through the bridge.

I can’t imagine that you can control a Hue bulb connected to an Echo Plus with Openhab, especially with the Harmony binding (Echo Plus has a different API !). @michi Maybe it is possible with the “Echo Control Binding”?

EDIT1: As I saw, michi already answered to this question:

EDIT2: Is Harmony Hub able to use “Echo Plus API” controlling Hue bulbs? NO, it isn’t. You need an Hue bridge! See here!