Can the new MQTT binding (2.4+) be installed to run in openHab 2.3

Hi there!

I’m preparing to upgrade from openHab 2.3 to 2.4.

Smaller chunks are easier to digest I believe. Therefore to avoid full caos at all fronts, I prefer if I can upgrade one binding at the time. I’ve already upgraded my Z_Wave binding to 2.5M1 and it works great.

I wonder if it would be possible to do the same for the new MQTT binding and if it will run in an OH 2.3 environment. Maybe @David_Graeff , the developer would know. If it’s possible to do it, what version should I choose and where can I download it?

Thanks a lot!

With the introduction of MQTTv2 the core received a lot of changes so it definitely needs OH 2.4.

I would actually recommend the other way round. Upgrade the core only and throw in your OH 2.3 bindings and then replace them step by step.

Some outlook:

The new OH 2.5 will be very incompatible to everything before as we have updated almost all 3rd party dependencies for security reasons and therefore the expected runtime for older bindings is not given anymore. Fortunately you can just drop in older dependencies into the addons directory and most bindings might work again this way.

OH 3 will then perform big API breaks (we are forced to by the Eclipse Foundation) which requires all bindings to be recompiled. OH2 binding jars will for sure not run anymore.

So this year are two replace-all-in-once updates required. That should not happen in the future again.

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