Can we use subfolders in icons folder?

I tried adding a subfolder to the icons folder (and the items/classic subfolder) but the icons did not display. Is this correct behaviour?

Do we have to place ALL our icons in this one folder?

IMHO It would be extremely useful to be able to have subfolders for different icon sets.

Also, what is the delay in changing an icon in order for that change to be reflected in the sitemap? On iOS there a setting to clear the image cache, but on chrome the icon just stays the same until I restart openhab completely. It’s quite annoying when you change an icon and have to wait for a restart in order to see the change.


Subfolders are not supported. You should file an issue probably on the openhab-webuis repo to request this new feature.

You can clear the cache in Chrome too or do a forced complete reload (ctrl-shift-r I think) of the page.

And how exactly would one do this?

It’s not a bug though.

Feature requests are handled through issues too.

Done! Fingers crossed.