Can you set a end time for a cron task (SOLVED)

if i created a cron expression to fire every hour i understand I can set it to start at a certain time is there a way to set it to end after say 5 hour

so you could set it to run and do something every hour starting at say 5pm run every hour and stop at 10PM

Yes with the right cron task :wink:

Example to fire every Hour between 9 und 15 :slight_smile:

0 0 9-15 ? * * *

i was recomended to use this as i dont know hoe to make cron expressions (SIMPLE CRONS no end time)

seems alot more complex but better config options (THANKS FOR THAT)

Makes the same … but has no Endtime

thats why i thought you could not end the running of a cron

my bad i forgot to turn on scripts so the link you sent me loaded as a giant wall of text and options

the one you linked seems alot better