Cancel Telegram Query / Advanced Callback Query Response


I’m trying to cancel a sendTelegramQuery in a rule after 5 minutes without reply, but when i call sendTelegramAnswer("MyReplyId", null) it results in:

Failed to send telegram message: Bad Request: query is too old and response timeout expired or query ID is invalid

Now I am wondering about this section in the documentation:

This binding stores the callbackId and recalls it using the replyId, but this information is lost if openHAB restarts. If you store the callbackId, chatId, and optionally messageId somewhere that will be persisted when openHAB shuts down, you can use the following overload of sendTelegramAnswer to respond to any Callback Query.

How are these values supposed to be stored? I have no idea how to get these from the binding after calling sendTelegramQuery?

Thanks in advance!

I’m having the same issue, any update on this?