Cannot add new bindings that are not int eh web GUI

I’m new to openHAB, however i have been trying for some time to add a binding that isn’t in the Add-ons web GUI, i have downloaded the .jar file, dropped it into the addons folder, unzipped it and it’s just not there!

It shows as installed on the “Bundle:list” but not visible on either addons section or the bindings of the web GUI.

All i want to do is teat the LightwaveRF system i have, but it’s not happening at the moment :cry:

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Don’t unzip the jar.

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Manually installed addons do not appear in the GUI. That is normal behavior.


I didn’t at first, the unzipped version is still in the addons folder, i only unzipped it, as it a last resort test.

That should be all you need. Now follow the docs how to set it up.

hmm, then why does it not appear in GUI anywhere? it’s not in the configuration/Bindings or if i try and add a thing, or when i search for things… bizarre!

I added my amazon account and its found all my echos, so i feel i have system set-up ok.

oddly though, is i paste teh Bundle:List where it shows;

209 │ Active │ 80 │ 2.5.1 │ openHAB UI :: Bundles :: Paper UI
210 │ Active │ 80 │ 2.5.1 │ openHAB Add-ons :: Bundles :: Amazon Echo Control Binding
211 │ Installed │ 80 │ │ openHAB LightwaveRf Binding
212 │ Active │ 80 │ 1.0.0 │ IO.Socket Engine Client

The lightwaverf is shown as installed, but not active!

ok, in a further development, the Binding i am after is the LightwaveRF one, however I can clearly see it in the online list, but it seems it is the only one missing on the Web GUI, which is supposed to be sourced from the this list, which is probably why i am struggling, as it’s not on the main addon resource pack

It is not running.
Try bundle:start 211 If it does not start, check the logs for errors.

It is a version 1 binding that does not use Things. Read the documentation to know how to configure it.

Thx, missed that one while on a phone :innocent:

Looks like a v2 bindíng is on its way:

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@Mathew_Cook Not far off. If you read the thread I have a working script solution for the interim.

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Just a but of summarization because this seems to come up often.

  1. The list of addon’s in PaperUI does not come from what you’ve installed. It is the list of all currently merged add-ons. If it’s not an officially merged add-on (i…e you have to install it by dropping a jar file into add-ons) it’s not going to show up in the list.

  2. You cannot do anything with a 1.x version binding through PaperUI. Pay close attention to the docs for the individual binding. It will tell you the steps necessary to install and configure the binding and link/bind it to Items.

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@Mathew_Cook have put up a test version of v2 LightwaveRF binding here:

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