Cannot create ZWave things using files

I have read many of the docs and posts relating the Z-Wave and .things files (Sometimes it feels like I’ve read them all.) but am still having a problem creating things using .things files. I am running version 2.5.8 on a Raspberry Pi. I have tried a variety if thing and item definitions, but none of them work. There is no information in the zwave.log.

.things file
Bridge  zwave:serial_zstick:controller 
        "Z-Wave Controller" @ "System" [
            security_networkkey="xxxx" ] 
    "GE Dimmer In-Wall Dimmer" (zwave:serial_zstick:controller) @ "Room" [
        node_id=18] {
            Dimmer : Light1Switch_Dimmer "zwave:ge_zw3003_00_000:controller:light1Switch:switch_dimmer" }
    "GE In-Wall Switch" (zwave:serial_zstick:controller) @ "Room" [
        node_id=20 ] {
            Switch  : Light2Switch_Switch "zwave:ge_45609_00_000:controller:node20:switch_binary" }

.items file
Switch Light1_Dimmer "Lamp 1" (Room, Lights, Switches, ZWave) {
Switch Light1A_Dimmer "Lamp 1A" (Room, Lights, Switches, ZWave) {
Switch Light1B_Dimmer "Lamp 1B" (Room, Lights, Switches, ZWave) {
Switch Light2_Switch "Lamp 2" (Room, Lights, Switches, ZWave) {
Switch LightA_Dimmer "Lamp 2A" (Room, Lights, Switches, ZWave) {

The controller is defined and ON-LINE. The only way I have found to use Z-Wave is to discover the thing, create a channel, and link an item to the channel using the Paper UI.

What am I doing wrong, or does the system not support using files for configuring Z-Wave devices at this time? If so, will this capability be available in the future? As an aside, what is the purpose of / use for the thing_ID in the Thing name, i.e., light1Switch, and the Channel name, i.e., Light1Switch_Dimmer?

Thanks for your help

Although that is possible, it is very error-prone. Most people generally using files, like me, use the UI to create Things whenever possible to avoid errors. The binding knows how to create them best. When a device is fully discovered, the channels are created from the device database built in to the binding, if it is known. Otherwise the device really needs to be added to the community maintained device database.

Sure it does, but you won’t be able to configure the parameters for your devices through any of the UI’s.
So generally it is a bad idea to configure manual zwave things.


Thanks for your comment. I believe that I have followed the instructions in the article, but my code does not work. I have assumed that the comment about the development version is no longer accurate as I am using 2.5.9. Is this correct?

Thanks your your help. This is what I have been afraid of. If I do not get help with the files, I’ll go back to using the automated configuration.