Cannot debug using demo app in Eclipse if version is not updated in pom.xml

It is it normal for the Eclipse IDE Resolve/Run Browse Repos panel to be empty? I just checked with another dev and it was empty for him also. When the Core Runtime is selected it just says
Loading Content… forever…

To clarify and answer my question. I was trying to debug a binding using the instructions under the Debug section, by editing the pom.xml and uncommenting the section that refers to the binding name.

When following those instructions, you won’t be able to resolve/run anything. The window is empty as above.

This is because in the beginning of the pom.xml there is a hardcoded/default section that defines a version, which can be out of date.


And if you have checked out the current tree (as of this writing) the version is 2.5-2-SNAPSHOT. Once you fix the version number to agree with the binding version, then it will work.

Perhaps the instructions should be updated to mention this.

I’ve created a PR to update it :slight_smile: :