Cannot find Dahua camera

So - trying to setup my first camera. A dahua IP camera. (Wifi) Everything says the default IP is My network IS 192.168.1.x. Nothing shows up at The online documentation and help from them ASSUMES that the address works or you are on the wrong network (obviously). Firewall is fully off.

Anybody have any experience with similar issues? The “Connector” contains a 12 volt connector and an ethernet cable port (yup. Tried with that plugged in as well)

Did you just try to discover with a scan?

Yup. Doesn’t show up in an IP scan of the entire block, can’t ping that address, and doesn’t find it in the Dahua Config Tool.

So in OH inbox, plus sign, ipcamera binding, scan? Is that what you mean?

Actually, Dahua’s setup program. Let me give the binding a try

Nope. And trying manually, I get COMMS ERROR. Which isn’t a surprise considering that you can’t ping the IP address and a network scan, and Dahua’s utility can’t find it.

Also could log into your router as administrator and look for attached devices, but try the binding first. Maybe router assigned different IP

Yup. Did the router. And… “until conigured” supposedly the camera has a default IP of And I tried both Wifi and ethernet. There is not only nothing at that address, there is nothing “unkown” in my list of devices on the router or an IP scan that could be the camera.

Maybe someone else will have an idea. Sorry.

Factory reset?

As best I could (based on Dahua’s poor limited documentation that makes the assumption that nothing every DOESN’T work) I did a factory reset.

And THAT I had to dig in Google to find.

simplify wired start KISS approach
unmanaged hub
1 cable from port on hub to pc hard wired and static ip to use a gateway of does not matter but that will avoid nag from winders or nux depending on your pc OS flavor
1 cable from hub to camera ethernet
at this point start a ping - t on pc
restart the power to camera and watch for any response.
if it does not work that way you have a issue with camera.
just that simple.
and if a hard reset does not clear it then time for RMA. paper clip salute! :wink:
as a off note how ever most of the “Non Dahua branded” and other knock off lower end cameras default to 192.168.0.*** that I have seen usually it is 100 or 10
one other thought though
is this a PTZ camera?
if so and you are using a premade 100 foot power cord I have seen them fail to boot due to voltage drop on those premade cables
Also if the power supply you are using has not got high enough wattage rating it will drop to below 11.8 volts with load and the camera will not power up either.

ou are actually headed to where I feared. I tried the fully hard wired to start to take WiFi out of the picture totally.


Note: I STARTED on my default network which was originally And when that didn’t work, I reconfigured my entire network to use the .1 insetad. No joy with ping or IP scans that showed any devices I didn’t already know (and I HAVE the MAC address which doesn’t show up).

Wish it was realistic to hardwire in my situation. But adding hardwire to a manufactured home is either:
A nightmare
Or - make your home look like a hillbilly castle with wires drilled through the middle of walls and siding.

no just hard wire to troubleshoot only once you can talk to camera then you can configure wireless.
If you have the mac that is fine but until you have done the dance with the web server that is built into the camera either manually or via the vendors config tool you will not have much luck.
I just went through this with a china branded NTP/GPS device and I refused to have to reconfigure my network just to set up their stupid web server so I did a KISS closed wired network to do my initial settings.

Yeah. And that’s where I actually started with all of this. I’m sad.

Although if wiring a Mfgd home weren’t such a nightmare I would have started there to begin with.

Honestly if that does not allow you to access and your power supply or POE injector is fine then it is time to send it back.
Far to many other decent wireless cameras to fight with a flaky one. My rule is if it fights me from day one it will fight me on a day when I do not have time to fight and then I find a big hammer to end the fight ! :slight_smile:
I have had good luck with Honic cameras good price with nice low level light response and very stable.
I only have 2 that are wireless all the real important ones are hardwired with hard wired video and I run them through a 4 channel capture card and OBS and a DVR app.
Once I have them into the feed I simply send then to a nginx instance to serve them as dash and HLS then I can use a standard video card cell in openhab and they are just plain tagged video feeds only gotcha you may hit is if you end up in mixed mode . ie openhab is serving https and your camera feed is http easy fix for that is bind the nginx to serve https as well . but that is another days fun…
I got away from standalone DVR’s and all of the vulnerability’s that come with them and cameras with built in web servers.
Note BTW: there was a publicly known exploit CVS from (2022) for some of the Dahua IP cameras around being able to alter time stamp a updated version of some older exploits I recall that was causing lots of chatter on the web last year so if you do get it up and working obviously a firmware update to latest if it is not done is prudent for sure.

I do not know about Hillbilly castle solutions my wife hates wires period if she can see them she is raising the roof complaining till they are no longer seen.
everything from wall mounted flat screens to any automation has to be pretty.
I will say I have used a few old work 2x4 junction box’s with blank plates in some critical locations to be able to fish wires through but then I either put a wall fixture on it color matched blank plate or some other easily removable device( like a motion sensor) and use the blank plate like it is a backplane to camouflage the penetration. I like them better then patching drywall since I have had to go back into a patch more than once when I wanted to add a new toy… and My home is not a easy pull low pitch roof in some area and cathedral ceilings in other places. It is always a tough pull when you are at the eve of the house to get to a outside wall but again a 2x4 box or 4x4 if you are really having to pull a lot located up near the ceiling inside wall and on outside a weather proof box to mount your device is how I have always done it and also watched many a pro installer do it the same way and it has always looked perfect. A 2x4 blank plate on a wall tends to become almost invisible if it is straight flush and level.
Bonus is you have a place to hide any additional relays repeaters or other non visibility needed devices and because it is a pvc box it does not block your zigbee or zwave signal to those goodies so they work better too.

So… a bit more info from today.

To isolate virtually EVERYTHING there is that could affect this. A PC set to (or 0.7), a switch, and the camera.

There are NO devices whatsoever (other than my PC) on the 192.168.1.x or the 192.168.0.x blocks.

So… One of two things (as suggested earlier). This may be a camera problem.

OR - it may be that it turns out to be labeled Dahua (as the manufacture on the tag) but other than that it is not “branded”. And it is not a Dahua boxed item. It is a “white box” item. So, one Dahua made for some OEM. And they decided to use a different default IP. And since you can’t figure out the OEM either, you can’t ask what the default IP is.


So - back to Amazon with it.

Next? We shall try a Reolink. (BRANDED Reolink!)