Cannot find folder user

Hi everyone,
I want to edit the .ssh file in the user folder for activating ssh but I cannot find it. Where is it exactly or why can’t I see it.


which OS do you using?


I´m using openhabian on a raspberry pi and want to access via Mac

Ok, it is possible to connect it to a screen and do it manually at the OS.

Or before you start openhabian you have to crate .ssh in the home folder via mac on the SD card.

What user are you trying to connect with?

From the Mac run ssh user@openhab-ip once you login you will be in the user home directory.

Default user is openhabian unless you renamed it.

If you like you should be able to also use the ssh copy id command from the mac. Can’t remember the exact syntax but I have it on my laptop if you need it.

yeah but then I get this message

Try as user openhabian.

Did you try it and did you create the user kevin?


yes I did create the user and it’s the same with openhabian

On your local machine under the account kevin in the file known_hosts there is already an entry for a machine with the IP The file ( known_hosts ) stores a checksum called host key.
Due to the fact that the remote host ( openhab server at ) was recreated or the sshd service was asked to recreate a host key the openhab server now has a new checksum / host key.
This is what the message complains about. To be on the safe side the communication is aborted at this point.
You can edit the local known_hosts file and delete the row for the openhab server.
Then again try to ssh into the server. The message should be gone

thanks very much that worked

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