Cannot get openhabian to work/install

I am trying to install open habian on a pi 3 b+ and I am just not getting anything. I have done a raspian and manually installed everything. I have no issue getting the pi to work. openhabain I give the 45mins but nothing.

I have tried a different cable, hub, SD card used mac & pc with etcher and also other means in windows to write the image also different power supplies all work well with the raspian but not the habian.

Interestingly the LAN never initiates either, any suggestions as to what I am ding wrong.

If you have any suggestions please let me know.

I am using this build -

Do you use this instruction?
Whats the problem?
Do you get contact to the raspi over SSH?

Yes but to no avail, I may go the raspian then the manual method below that. I did the manual linux method. It just makes no sense why it won’t work

For the first time, I think the openHABian with ETCHER is a easy way.
Let’s do step by step.

That’s what I thought but it just wont give me anything. I am trying again on a new flash card 15 mins of the 45 left

What does the raspi show on a local monitor or over SSH?

Nothing it wont even connect to the network, the lights do not come on & the green light on the pi keeps flashing

Do you have a HDMI-monitor or TV, connect the raspi to see what happens.

just displays the rainbow screen

OK, step back.
You hab downloaded the Image from this site and etcher finished without problems?
What kind of SD-Card do you use?
Has the raspi work beyond?

The down load redirects to Git ( which then redirects to here (openHABian v1.4 released!) for the image file its 1.4 supposedly

Yes etcher finished fine in all instances.

SD card is Sandisk Ultra 16gb

Raspberry Pi works fine with other images ie raspian

openHABian needs to be updated to contain the latest version of the rpi firmware I think. You can install Raspbian lite and then apply openHABian manually.

I am going to manual path as we speak

that worked a treat

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I have this same issue with Raspberry 3 B+. When I try install openhabian 1.4, I have only rainbow on the monitor and green LED is flashing 4 times. When I was try install openhabian 1.3 the red LED is flashing 4 times, and nothing happens.
This same when I’m trying install PIHole, etc. Only RASPBIAN STRETCH WITH DESKTOP Working Correctly. On the Raspbian Lite can’t connect SSH.
This same SD card (Sandisk Ultra 16gb) with Openhabian 1.4 start booting with out any problems on Raspberry 3.
What can be wrong with 3B+??
Any ideas ??

By replacing the start.elf with the newest Raspian start.elf fixed it.

I’m having similar issues. New user of the Raspberry pi 3 model b plus. Stuck on black screen when trying to install openhabian. I have no keyboard so I tried the automatic method using etcher on a Mac and a 32 gig Samsung Evo SD card. 4th attempt and still stuck on black screen after 6 hours. On the previous attempt I disconnected it after 10 hours and i could not login to the GUI but the network share showed up on my Mac.

When you say Stuck on black screen, is that after watching it install on the monitor, then it goes to a black screen? If so, thats normal, openhabian runs headless. Have you tried to connect via ssh? On the GUI you may need to try Your local IP address like If you can see it showing on network share I would think it’s working.

Got it working now. Thanks.