Cannot get the classic or basic UI to work as expected

Hello together,
I do have a serious problem and do not know how to solve that.
To say it as first: I do like OH, do not want to offend anybody and just look for a direction I could look into.

Since upgrading to OH2 almost a year ago, I do have problems displaying information on the various different methods I know about.
The Config:
My sitemap starts with a weather info:

Webview url="/static/weather-data/layouts/weather.html?locationId=home&layout=example&iconset=colorful" height=2

followed by a simple item:

Text item=PV_Consumption

(The item is defined as follows:

Number PV_Consumption "Aktueller Verbrauch [%.0f W]" <energy> (PV,PV_Chart)


Then we have a frame with a chart:

    Selection item=PV_Chart_Period label="Periode" icon="line" mappings=[0="Stunde", 1="4 Stunden", 2="12 Stunden", 3="Tag", 4="Woche"]
    Chart item=PV_Chart period=h refresh=5000 service="rrd4j" visibility=[PV_Chart_Period==0, PV_Chart_Period=="Uninitialized", PV_Chart_Period=="NULL"]
    Chart item=PV_Chart period=4h refresh=5000 service="rrd4j" visibility=[PV_Chart_Period==1]
    Chart item=PV_Chart period=12h refresh=5000 service="rrd4j" visibility=[PV_Chart_Period==2]
    Chart item=PV_Chart period=D refresh=30000 service="rrd4j" visibility=[PV_Chart_Period==3]
    Chart item=PV_Chart period=W refresh=30000 service="rrd4j" visibility=[PV_Chart_Period==4]
    Text item=MyPV

So, now the problems:

  • does not show the webview.
  • Updates the text items properly
  • Refreshes the chart, but flashes heavily (blanks out for one or two seconds and reappears)

Google Chrome on Windows and Android:
Shows all data (webview, items, chart) but does not refresh automatically at all, I have to do it manually.

Shows all data, refreshes the number items automatically (missing the format string somehow, so showing 1353.41 instead of 1353 W as defined in the item,
does not refresh the webviews or charts.

Internet Explorer:
Does not run some scripts in the Webview, so not replacing most of the elements with meaningful text.
Number items are refreshed, but not formatted properly (same as with Edge).
Charts are not refreshed.

This is a known problem. Webviews will also not work if you access your sitemap from a browser through

I’m not sure if chart refreshing is implemented in BasicUI.

The problems you see in Edge and IE should be filed as bugs.

What version are you running? There was a problem back with any version before Beta 5 that prevented BasicUI from updating Items in the sitemap.

I’m running RC, I guess.
Openhabian installed on saturday.
Performing a complete reinstall every 3 months from the scratch.

Is anybody working on the problems with Habdroid?

Just as a side note:
There is no problem using the Habdroid client with OH1 !!! All functions work as expected there.

That is the only client which works on an Android Tablet which prevents the system from switching off automatically.
And when talking about the Habdroid App:
How about allowing the screen to switch off at a certain time (over night) and use the front camera as a presence sensor to switch it back on for a few minutes?
Then switch screen back on in the morning?

I think I saw a thread talking about using this with Tasker or some other app on the Play store. Or maybe it was just using the built in feature. I couldn’t find it but if you spend some more time searching Tablet I’m sure you will find some discussion about it.

I don’t know.

The refresh of Items should be working in BasicUI though. That problem has been fixed for a long time now and RC is certainly recent enough.