Cannot install openhabian!

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: CPUArchitecture/RAM/storage rpi3b+
    • OS: _what OS is used and which version_openhabianpi-raspbian-201804031720-gitdba76f6-crc9e93c3eb.img.xz

I have flashed the image above on 3 different sd card, one that is Brand New. Install fails every time. I have tried 3 different pis, and different power supplies.

Every 2.0s: cat /boot/first-boot.log openHABianPi: Fri May 15 14:59:45 2020

2018-03-13_22:53:38_UTC [openHABian] Starting the openHABian initial setup.
2018-03-13_22:53:38_UTC [openHABian] Storing configuration… OK
2018-03-13_22:53:38_UTC [openHABian] Changing default username and password… OK
2018-03-13_22:53:39_UTC [openHABian] Setting up Ethernet connection… OK
2018-03-13_22:53:39_UTC [openHABian] Ensuring network connectivity… OK
2018-03-13_22:53:39_UTC [openHABian] Waiting for dpkg/apt to get ready… OK
2018-03-13_22:53:57_UTC [openHABian] Updating repositories and upgrading installed packages… FAILED
2020-05-15_14:55:35_UTC [openHABian] Initial setup exiting with an error!

See debug guide.

Set mode=debug_maximum in /etc/openhabian.conf.
See the WiFi install section in how to access if you cannot login.

Thanks for the answer…Turned out it was the network port I was plugged into. A surge sent power over the port and fried the communication…