Cannot update any binding/bundles from 2.5.7 to 2.5.10

  • Platform information: openHABian on Pi
  • Issue of the topic: Upgraded (with openhabian-config) to 2.5.10 from 2.5.7. Bindings are stuck on 2.5.7 - can’t update through paperUI and karaf.

EDIT: I was able to update by manually uninstalling a single binding and reinstalling the new version. But would be great to have this happen on upgrade or being able to update all when needed.

So I tried to update a single binding:

  • paperUI, just shows a spinner for some minutes and nothing happens.
  • karaf/cli, could only test for a single binding, since I could not find docs how to update all bindings, so I tested a single update, which seemed to work, but paperUI doesn’t reflect the change. Restarting OH didn’t help.

How is the updating process of bindings supposed to work? I guess my installation is broken, and it should happen automatically when doing the update with openhabian-config?

Or are bindings != bundles? As you can see I am absolutely lost and confused…

On openHABian the update process is basically the command sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade. As part of that update the openHAB cache is supposed to be cleared. The installed bindings get stored in the cache so that will force openHAB to reinstall the bindings. OH always pulls the versions of the bindings that match the version of core so it will upgrade the bindings when it reinstalls them.

It sounds like something went wrong with the clearing of the cache. Next time you can clear the cache manually. See Clear the Cache to force the add-ons to be reinstalled.

I’ve never seen this particular problem reported so hopefully it was caused by a momentary hickup on your system and it won’t happen again.

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This does now make more sense to me, because this is how I ended up there:

  • Recently I did an upgrade with openhabian-config
  • But I didn’t know my disk was full at that moment (logs/tmp)
  • I got these read-only filesystem errors after reboot
  • Ran a few random things to stop zram-config, deleted all caches and whatnot
  • Finally was able to have some disk space back and even got write access

Now I can setup things, OH does its job, but whenever I reboot or retry an upgrade - I end up in the same situation, some random things have to readded and the versions of my bindings fall back to 2.5.7, even if I updated them to 2.5.10 manually. I’m almost confident this has to do with this zram… magic, but I have no idea how all this works/ or how I could disable this.

Just wanted to let you know, that I tried the cache clean, but without success. I will probably retry the next days.