Cannot use CIDR greater than /24 - WHY?

Why is the network discovery changing my CIDR from a /22 to a /24?
How can I override this?

You can‘t. The reason is that /22 has too much addresses to fit into memory during discovery. Originally we didn’t have any restriction and it led to out-of-memory errors.

And there is not a method to override this? Add multiple blocks for discovery, or similar?

Are there any plans for making this configurable?
1024 addresses should not take much memory and our control hosts are all configured w/ 32GB.
This is a deal breaker for the client, they have 4 sites each with mirrored networks, ~ 820 devices, and purposely keep the manufacturing lines on a flat network.

openHAB frankly makes a really poor network monitoring solution. You would be far better off using software specifically designed to do this job such as Nagios, Zabbix, etc. And openHAB is a home automation system. It lacks many features and capabilities that make it suitable for an industrial or manufacturing context.


bringing this old thread up again.
Just to be sure: We are just talking about the automatic scanning to generate the things.
Nothing does prevent me from e.g. writing a things file with adding all existing network systems in an e.g. /16 network?
This should work.

There is no limit to the network addresses, you could even add a thing that checks if it can ping google’s DNS servers.

The network address must be reachable by the Java VM, so as long as you have proper network settings there should not be an issue.