Can't access the console with docker & kubernetes (minikube)

I am using openhab 3 and going from a native install to docker and kubernetes. I am using minikube and when trying to run the console I get the following error:
“”/openhab/runtime/bin/client": stat /openhab/runtime/bin/client: no such file or directory: unknown"

try bash into the container, and look around, whats going on.

excuse me, I have not understood your indication …

docker exec -it minicube bash

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Okey, this found:
docker exec -it minikube bash

but… what should try/see now?

try to execute the command:


it should be there, but you getting the error that it is not found.

find / -name client

I am not familiar with kubernetes, ran docker some time ago in the docker swarm environment.

If you are not so familiar with docker I would suggest starting off with a simpler setup. Running docker from docker-compose is simpler. I use a docker-compose file, which I can share.

Thank you very much sir,

You have pointed me in a good direction. Finally I have managed to access with the following commands:

$ docker exec -it minikube bash
# List all containers
$ docker ps
# Select the container id
$ docker exec -it <container id of entrypoint>  /openhab/runtime/bin/client
# Entry the password: habopen

I hope that between the contribution of @lukics and mine it can be of use to someone.

just out of curiosity:
Why do you run openhab in Kubernetes?
I played around with a 5 node docker swarm (raspberry pi 3b) running a fault-tolerant setup with glusterfs as distributed fs.
It failed because the time was not yet right. I might try it again with raspberry pi 4/4GB.


The reason is because I wanted to test how useful hpa (horizontal pod autoscaler) could be useful as a “load balancer” based on my memory and cpu usage.

On the other hand, I only have one node, that’s why I use minikube and that’s why I don’t have a distributed system either. I have to say that the kubernetes (and docker) world is complex and requires a lot of patience.

I don’t know if I have answered your question. I still don’t know if in my final system I will use a normal installation or I will use docker + kubernetes.