Can't add openHAB to Google Assistant

I had Google Assistant working some time ago and noticed it was not working anymore.
Steps I tried to get it working, without success:

  • restart openHAB
  • removed openHAB Cloud Connector binding
  • removed UUID & Secret files
  • reinstalled openHAB Cloud Connector binding
  • added new values from UUID & Secret into MyOpenHab:
  • restart openHAB

But when clicking on the Click here to access your openHAB’s dashboard link, the page can’t be found. When I try to add openHAB to Google Assistant, I get the screen to grant access (OAuth2), Linking your openHAB account and afterwards the message, that openHAB can’t be added: Could not reach openHAB, please try again.

I checked the docs/docs again but can’t find something I missed.
I’m running openHAB 3.4.1

Is this the openhab cloud service hosted at or is it a self hosted openhab cloud service ? I think this part must work before you will be able to link your Google Assistant.
Anything special in your network that may restrict access to specific domains ? ‘Misconfigured’ PiHole ?

Had same problem, found what caused the issue. I had disabled “implicit userrole” on “API Security”, after enabling that one it was able to reach openhab and read out my devices and control them…