Can't configure Telegram thing in PaperUI

OH 2.5.0-1
installed Telegram Binding 2.5.0 using PaperUI

When I created a Thing in PaperUI, I can insert configuration parameters but the save button is grayed out.


I must say I find the Telegram documentation is rather cryptic

After entering all your info hit ENTER key then try and save.

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We really deeply need a way of saying “I’m done editing now”.
We could call it a “Submit button”. When it catches on and everyone wants to use it in their web interfaces, we’ll be rich!

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Or just change the Enter key to Enter/Submit on all keyboards. :rofl:

I’m waiting on OP to reply and if all that was needed is to hit the Enter key, then click save, the doc’s need to be edited.

that did it.
not really intuitive, though

Glad to hear it’s working. :+1: I agree about it not being really intuitive and the doc’s need to be updated to include this info.

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