Can't connect MiLight MQTT messages in OpenHAB 3.1

Hi all!
I don’t know what I make wrong!
I want to bring my MiLight devices into my openhab. I built the ESP8266 Hub and linked it with te devices. I added the MQTT config. All good. I see now the devices in the MQTT Explorer.
Now it starts. There is no deteiction of this devices via the auto detection. It’s on.
I tried to bring in the devices via configuration in Visual Studio. None.
The MQTT broker works with all my existing devices just fine. Incl. JSONTransformation.

Does anyone have an idea? I’m completely lost!
Has anyone a config example?
Thanks in advance,


Can you control your device trough MQTT Explorer?

Can you show what you have tried?

Is there an error in the log when you save the config file in VSCode?

Thanks to this post I found A LOT failures!
Now I’m very close. Anyway, thanks! Manuel

Hi Mr. D.

Ok. I made a big step forward tody but still not quite.
The MQTT status is not updated in openhab and in the status section in mqtt in case I change the values via a connected wall switch.

Out of Openhab all works fine.
Does anyone have an idea?

My Config:

Bridge mqtt:broker:MQTT “MQTT” [

Bridge mqtt:broker:0x12AA “Milight Switches” [ host=“xx.xx.xx.x”, port=1883, secure=false, username=“xxxxn”, password=“xxxxxx”, qos=1]

    Thing mqtt:fut091:0x12AA0 "Test Switch" (mqtt:broker:0x12AA) @ "Home"
    Thing mqtt:fut091:0x12AA1 "Test Switch" (mqtt:broker:0x12AA) @ "Home"
    Thing mqtt:fut091:0x12AA2 "Test Switch" (mqtt:broker:0x12AA) @ "Home"
    Thing mqtt:fut091:0x12AA3 "Test Switch" (mqtt:broker:0x12AA) @ "Home"
    Thing mqtt:fut091:0x12AA4 "Test Switch" (mqtt:broker:0x12AA) @ "Home"

Switch WallSwitch_1_LightSW “Wandschalter 1 - On/Off [%s]” (Bathroom,Lights) [“Switchable”] {channel=“mqtt:fut091:0x12AA1:level”}
Dimmer WallSwitch_1_LightLD “Wandschalter 1 - Brightness [%s]”(Bathroom,Lights) [“Lighting”] {channel=“mqtt:fut091:0x12AA1:level”}
Switch WallSwitch_2_LightSW “Wandschalter 2 - On/Off [%s]” (Bathroom,Lights) [“Switchable”] {channel=“mqtt:fut091:0x12AA2:level”}
Dimmer WallSwitch_2_LightLD “Wandschalter 2 - Brightness [%s]”(Bathroom,Lights) [“Lighting”] {channel=“mqtt:fut091:0x12AA2:level”}
Switch WallSwitch_3_LightSW “Wandschalter 3 - On/Off [%s]” (Bathroom,Lights) [“Switchable”] {channel=“mqtt:fut091:0x12AA3:level”}
Dimmer WallSwitch_3_LightLD “Wandschalter 3 - Brightness [%s]”(Bathroom,Lights) [“Lighting”] {channel=“mqtt:fut091:0x12AA3:level”}
Switch WallSwitch_4_LightSW “Wandschalter 4 - On/Off [%s]” (Bathroom,Lights) [“Switchable”] {channel=“mqtt:fut091:0x12AA4:level”}
Dimmer WallSwitch_4_LightLD “Wandschalter 4 - Brightness [%s]”(Bathroom,Lights) [“Lighting”] {channel=“mqtt:fut091:0x12AA4:level”}
Switch WallSwitch_0_LightSW “Wandschalter 0 - On/Off [%s]” (Bathroom,Lights) [“Switchable”] {channel=“mqtt:fut091:0x12AA0:level”}
Dimmer WallSwitch_0_LightLD “Wandschalter 0 - Brightness [%s]”(Bathroom,Lights) [“Lighting”] {channel=“mqtt:fut091:0x12AA0:level”}

Regards, Manuel

You have 2 bridges setup.

Are you setting things up using config files?

Yes. I try to configure all using config file’s via Visual Studio. Why?
About the two bridges. I thought that‘s the way it needs to be done with the ESPMiLight Hub.
What would be the path for ONE :point_up: bridge and how could I configure then several devices in things and items? Sorry but I tried so much already, so I thought I‘m on the right path…
Thx, Manuel

The MQTT bridge thing is supposed to point to an MQTT broker. The middle-man. You would usually have only one broker, and the whole of the rest of the world talks through it. So, one bridge for all.

Then you may define any MQTT topic Things you like. This is fairly arbitrary, but most people will set up a Thing to represent each device they want to talk to.

Each topic Thing may have many channels defined. These describe what topics to subscribe to, what topics to publish on, how to manipulate incoming and outgoing messages.

These channels are what you link to individual Items.